Overseas Dentistry

Overseas Dentistry

The lure of initially lower prices is tempting for anyone requiring dental work. Before committing to travelling overseas, it is worth considering all the information available.

When people travel overseas for dental treatment, it is generally for a short amount of time. This means there is limited time to assess all available options and it can lead to a rushed decision. Timing can also affect the long-term success of some treatment options. Some procedures, such as implants and extractions, require significant healing time before the next stage can be completed. Healing can often take 6 weeks to 3 months per stage.

In Australia, there is time available to decide without pressure, and time to allow for complete healing as necessary. Having this time available helps to increase long-term success rates in many dental procedures.

Another significant factor to consider is the possibility of something going wrong after the procedure. Your local dentist is just a short car-trip away, flying overseas due to a lost filling, loose implant screw or chipped tooth isn’t realistically achievable. We have seen cases where the implants used overseas are not licensed for use in Australia – this makes it very challenging when trying to repair or replace parts as they can’t be easily replaced. This is unfortunately a common scenario, that is both time consuming and expensive.

Australia has multiple complaint handling systems for those who are unhappy with any treatment that has been provided locally. In these cases, the first step should always be to return to the original provider to discuss it with them directly. A second opinion may also be worthwhile. Where cases are not resolved, there are multiple regulatory systems to handle cases and ensure the safety of the public. There is also the assurance that every practising dental practitioner in Australia must be fully insured. Do you think a similar system would be available overseas?

As far as health safety standards go, the regulations in Australia are amongst the most stringent in the world. The question that has been posed elsewhere, and it sums things up rather well is – if you wouldn’t drink the water there, would you really go there for surgery?

Have you already been overseas and need some revision, or something has gone wrong after you get back?
We are willing and able to assist you in a non-judgemental environment. Rest assured that we still have your best interests at heart. As with anyone who presents to our Practice that may regret previous decisions (e.g. not coming to a dentist for many years), we focus on what the problems are, what your aims are, what the possible solutions are, and the risks and costs associated with those options. We don’t spend time going over the what-ifs of history as it doesn’t make any difference to the future of your oral health.

Likewise, if you are happy with treatment you have had completed overseas and would like to maintain it then we can assist you – from examinations, cleaning and x-rays to instructions as to how to improve your cleaning under complex crowns, bridges and implants.

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