Dentistry for children


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Dentistry for children


The early years of life are important to establish all of the right factors for a lifetime of
healthy teeth.  Your child’s first visit to the dentist should occur early in their life, soon after
they have their first tooth.  At this young age, education is provided to parents about how best
to care for their child’s teeth.  As your child grows, regular examinations provide an
opportunity to have a positive experience in a relaxed environment and to build trust and
rapport with the Dentist.  The Dentist will complete a review of medical and dental history
and provide a fun introduction to the Dental environment with completion of a dental
examination when your child is comfortable to do so.

Teeth are important for many reasons, helping you to eat, smile and speak.  This is as
important for children as it is for adults especially as your child develops and grows.  It is our
aim to talk with your child in a fun and interactive way to help them understand how to brush
and care for their teeth with support from an adult and also to feel relaxed and comfortable in
a dental environment.