Dental Anxiety


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Dental Anxiety


We understand that many people may feel very anxious or worried about their dental
treatment.  This may be due to fear of pain, negative past experiences or other reasons. You
are not alone in this feeling and we acknowledge that this can make visiting the dentist very
difficult for some people.   It is very important to us that we assist you to feel as comfortable
as possible throughout your dental treatment.  We endeavour to communicate with you
clearly and answer any questions you may have regarding your treatment needs.  We will
always treat you respectfully and in a warm and caring manner, working with you to help you
through your dental treatment which usually results in a more positive dental experience. 

There are other options available, including medications, nitrous oxide, and referral for
sedation or general anaethesia.  Through discussion between yourself and your dentist, it can
be established whether one of these options may be suitable for you.

Often people may feel worried about visiting the dentist if they haven’t had a dental visit in
many years. This is quite normal and you don’t need to feel embarrassed or delay your visit
for this reason. It is our wish to help you achieve optimal dental health, which is often
achieved by commencing treatment sooner rather than later.